The Ballast Point

Al Edison and the light bulb


What do you mean he didn’t invent it? Thomas Alva Edison is a really famous guy. Al (as he liked to be called) had many inventions along the way including the phonograph, the electrograph vote recorder and the magnetic iron ore separator. However, there is one invention that Al seems to get...

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Why Group Relamp? Part 1: For People

Why Group Relamp?     Part 1: For People

Many retail outlets and businesses chose to have their lighting needs taken care of by the employees who handle the everyday cleaning duties. This method has a number of disadvantages, including decreased employee productivity and creating a lack luster customer perception, regarding your business....

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Reballast or Rebuild


What is a Ballast? While reading over the notes that are left in our inbox, we often see that they refer to questions about reballasting. Checking Wikipedia will get you a little information and a pile of jargon but it won’t give you the full scoop. We won’t be getting into all of th...

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What is the Ballast Point?


The folks at Eclipse Lighting pride themselves on ensuring the comfort and trust of their clients and contractors. They have the skills and knowledge to keep electricity flowing and storefronts bright. With each visit, they build new, working relationships that create lasting, positive impressions. ...

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