Why Group Relamp? Part 1: For People


Many retail outlets and businesses chose to have their lighting needs taken care of by the employees who handle the everyday cleaning duties. This method has a number of disadvantages, including decreased employee productivity and creating a lack luster customer perception, regarding your business. At Eclipse Lighting Services, LLC. We recommend a group relamp and reballast for anyone who has more lamps than it takes to light a small shed.

Employees can be the greatest asset to success or a serious detriment. Many employees keep workload and safety concerns at the top of their lists for job satisfaction. Putting them to work on rickety ladders to “spot change” your bulbs one by one, day after day, is an expense of time and motivation that can be put to use serving your customers. Don’t take our word for it. We spoke to a former employee of a restaurant chain whose late night cleaning duties included bulb changes.

“Every night it was my job to climb up on this old ladder to lighting fixtures that were easily 15 feet off the floor and change the bulbs. I had a five foot nothing coworker who had to stand on top of the ladder. You know, the part that says do not stand on top of ladder. He’d just stand there teetering, using the lighting fixture for support. We both hated it. By the time you moved the ladder, took out the bulb, put in a new one climbed back down, it took 5 minutes to change one bulb, never mind if you dropped the [blasted] thing half way up. And with hundreds of bulbs in the place, it could take hours. We couldn’t turn off the lights to change lights because we worked at night. The light fixtures were still pulling current when we changed their bulbs. One night I saw smoke coming from a fixture and couldn’t do anything about it. Just called my boss who told me to, ‘keep an eye on it.’ The smoke stopped 20 minutes later and that lamp never worked again. And I stayed there another two years!

Some nights there just wasn’t time. We’d ignore the lights. Other times we didn’t have the necessary bulbs. You’d walk in during business hours to see customers having a meal in a dark patch of the room like some kind of bad art house movie.“

The phenomenon of dark patches is an extremely common occurrence. A light may go out without anyone qualified to fix it or the supplies and equipment to do so may be missing. A scheduled group relamp ensures that your lighting stays optimally bright by changing bulbs before they burnout. With a qualified electrician maintaining your lighting fixtures, you can be sure that a bad lamp, ballast or shoddy wiring will be caught before it causes a problem.

Your customers don’t want to sit in the dark and you want to make your products look inviting. Don’t dim your sales. Don’t put your customers in the dark. Set up a group relamp policy with a qualified vendor and let your employees get back to boosting sales at the ground level.

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