Relamp & Reballast:

Electricity costs kill your bottom line. By taking advantage of a group relamp strategy, Eclipse Lighting Services keeps the retail chains that it serves bright, while keeping maintenance costs low. This process allows us to take advantage of savings through bulk purchasing of bulbs, reduced labor costs and fewer on site visits. All of this translates to added savings for our clients and increased reputation for our vendors.

As time goes by, the ballasts that regulate the current for lights can wear out. They may also become outdated for use with the bulbs that a chain is using. We offer reballasting services to keep your bulbs from burning out prematurely or becoming a serious fire hazard. By keeping ballasts in working order, we save the money, time, and lives of our service clients.

Sign Testing:

If keeping up to code is one of your concerns, Eclipse is ready to inspect your emergency light and signage, helping you to pass your next inspection with confidence.


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